You stumbled upon here because you were looking for an ad agency in Rockford, Illinois. We’re happy to help point you in the right direction.

Let us first clarify that Thinker does ad agency work. That’s important to know because if you’re looking for a marketing company or advertising agency in Rockford, you found this page, and not only are we going to tell you who else does marketing in Rockford, we are clearly biased toward you working with Thinker.

That said, here are some companies in Rockford who do ad work, along with what sets us apart. This isn’t an exhaustive list. It’s the ones that we know a bit about because we know the people there or our clients have told us about. If you’re considering an ad agency, we encourage to reach out and compare us with these companies.

You may know us. We didn’t start out as just an agency, and it’s not all we do. We’re in the business development business, so you may not hear us talk like an agency either. Do you know the saying,  “when all you have is a hammer, everything’s a nail?” Well, when all we got is a website and ad, everything’s a website and ad. So, do this… Once you’ve met with everyone else you want to chat with – from this list or not – go ahead and think of us. See what we did there?

KMK Media Group
KMK has been doing their thing for darn near 20 years. They’ve changed a little through that time but are generally the same. They have worked with many organizations large and small, public and private. From the people we’ve talked with, they are a good Rockford agency and do work you’d expect. Chat with them, and see what you think.

Nadi Creative
These guys have been around a long time in various forms. They’ve morphed and we come into contact with their clients from time-to-time. If you’re doing traditional work, and not so much digital (web, etc.) then consider them. They have an office right on State Street next to our favorite downtown pizza place, Woodfire Pizza.

V2 Marketing Communications
V2 is well-known in the area. They contribute to the local marketing company business networks, and they typically win an award of some sort at the yearly get-together. They do a good deal of PR work, and help out with local not-for-profits. A previous partner from KMK works there as well. We also know one of their writers. These are really good people.

Thinker has two TREKK alums from way back in the day. They began with four partners and now is owned by one of the original partners. Much of their work is outside the Rockford area. All respect to the folks from TREKK.

Other marketing companies in Rockford that you may have heard of:

  • fortytwoeightynine
  • Heinzeroth Marketing Group
  • Hayes Marketing Services
  • Ginestra Watson
  • Digital Hive Mind
  • OC Creative
  • Townsquare Interactive
  • Ignition Studio
  • The Creative Cube

If you know of a company we’re missing let us know.