When I think about a domain name or a website, real estate doesn’t often come to mind. But recently I came across a quote by author and entrepreneur Marc Ostrofsky stating, “Domain names and websites are the real estate of the Internet.” Ostrofsky makes a good point. Domain names are the street addresses of the internet and websites are the homes, businesses, and organizations built at that address.

With that thought in mind, what impression does your online real estate give to potential customers? A physical storefront that has an outdated design, poor lighting, and “Sale!” spray-painted across the window is unlikely to attract many customers. Potential customers who visit your digital storefront are just as unlikely to be attracted to your product or service if your website is poorly designed, hard to use, or cheap looking. But just like an attractive storefront, a beautifully designed and easy-to-use website draws customers in and compels them to purchase your product.

Another aspect to consider when building a digital storefront is the cost. Some companies will try to convince you to use their free website builders and promise an Apple Store like outcome. But when it comes to websites, the saying, “The best things in life are free” doesn’t hold up to its reputation. Yes, you’ll get a piece of digital real estate, but your curb appeal will likely be similar to that storefront with “Sale!” spray-painted across the window. Furthermore, if your business prides itself on being unique and of quality, a free, cookie-cutter website is not the answer. Why? There is no separation between you and your next door neighbor.

At Thinker, we build compelling digital storefronts for our clients. Each website we create is designed and built to draw in potential and targeted customers, capture their attention, and convert them into paying customers. If you don’t have a digital storefront, or if you think your website might be guilty of not having “good curb appeal” we would love to hear from you.