On December 29, 2015

Is your Business Stuck in a Rut?

As 2016 is quickly approaching, you may find yourself reflecting on the trajectory of your business. Maybe yours is right on track. If so, great! Unfortunately, many businesses are stuck in a rut. If you are unhappy with the current state of your business, look at this five-point checklist for some ideas for getting it
On September 21, 2015

Raspberry Pi – The missing link in Google’s CloudPrint service

As we previously blogged, Thinker is experimenting with Chromebooks, which are streamlined laptops built around the Chrome OS. We’ve discovered how much of our work can be done from just within a browser. However, one common hurdle is difficult to overcome : How can I print my document? Google answers this with “Google Cloud Print”.
On March 4, 2015

These 4 tips can help prevent social hackers

Technology is one of  many factors leading to a company’s success story. It fills the gaps of networking, allows companies to be researched, keeps your company up-to-date for potential clients, and creates opportunity to make every workday a productive one. As diverse (and complicated) as technology can be, Social Media and Email Marketing seem to
On February 1, 2015

Four tips to stay consistent to your brand

Your brand will speak volumes of your business when potential clients aren’t speaking directly to you. These tips will help you to stay consistent to your brand, yet up-to-date and informational for prospective customers. 1. Customer Service If you pride yourself of quality customer service (which every business should) how do generate feedback to ensure
On December 1, 2014

Bigger Following, Bigger Bank Account

Social media may have once been purely for entertainment and to keep loved ones up-to-date, but those days are far gone. America is becoming focused on instant gratification, and young generations spend countless hours following friends, celebrities, and brands they look up to. Your public image is a direct window into your company, and it