Lindeblad Piano Restoration began in 1920 out of the Brooklyn, New York home of Axel Lindeblad where he repaired and tuned pianos. His son, Ed Lindeblad, followed in his father’s footsteps in the piano business during his teenage years. During the 1950’s, Ed worked for Steinway and Sons restoring pianos.

Nearly 100 years later, Lindeblad is still breathing life into fine, vintage pianos. Their long tradition of meticulous craftsmanship has spanned over four generations, and continues to be well respected among concert pianists, universities and colleges, Grammy-winning musicians, Academy Award-winning actors, late-night TV hosts, and piano owners.

Restoring the Lindeblad Brand Identity

At the end of 2013, Lindeblad turned to Thinker Ventures for help restoring the look and feel of their branding to better compete with Steinway & Sons.

To start, we updated their logo, redesigned their marketing material and hand-crafted a new website and database to match their quality and craftsmanship they had displayed throughout the decades.

We also developed a new motto to exceed the guarantees that Steinway & Sons were offering their customers that would give Lindeblad an edge in the industry: “Restoring the Original Since 1920.”

The Proof is in the Data

Once we developed their new logo, agreed on a motto, and created a plan for their brand, we developed a strategy to bring their current website into their new look. We looked at their sales funnel and their buyer personas to determine where their sales were coming from. Then we made some changes/additions that included “critical highlights such as:

  • Testimonials Page – Customer satisfaction stories that showcase the meticulous craftsmanship and care Lindeblad places within each restored piano.
  • Pianos Home Page – Piano lovers can view each restored piano with high-res photos showing close-ups, it’s history and papers of legitimacy from Steinway & Sons.
  • Restoration Page – Lindeblad remains transparent by showcasing how each piano is restored, building brand loyalty and trust among its customer base.

We also coordinated with them on a video strategy that incorporated the new look and feel of the brand. Each video was reposted on YouTube, and all graphic design was made consistent across all mediums.

To start, we updated their logo, redesigned their marketing material and hand-crafted a new website and database to match the quality and craftsmanship they have delivered throughout the decades. We also developed a new tagline to emphasize their longevity in the industry: “Restoring the Original Since 1920.”

Along the way, our team worked hard with the company executives to improve their strategic analysis and planning as well as executive coaching. When all was said and done, Lindeblad saw a 30 percent increase in annual growth and an increase in its deposit requirements. Other results that Thinker Ventures assisted with include:

  • Sale of two signature pianos.
  • A 19% increase in overall page loads.
  • Overall site bounce rate that is 4% better.
  • Overall 14% increase YoY in restoration, piano, selling and moving requests from the site.
  • 35 % increase in Restoration Form Requests from the site.
  • 14% increase YoY in Piano Sales Form Requests from the site.
  • 25% increase in social media (Facebook) likes.
  • $11,300 ad efficiency savings by trimming underperforming display ads.

Across the Country, Around the World

Since relaunching their brand in 2016, Lindeblad has become more than just a small mom-and-pop shop that does business in New Jersey. Now that they have a better handle on what’s going in and coming out, they have become an evolving company that is breaking into new lines of business, restoring pianos in every corner of the United States and around the world.

Today, we continue to work with Lindeblad on branding campaigns, advertising, as well as improving their media relations and anything else they need assistance with. For as quickly as it was growing, Lindeblad remained one of New Jersey’s best-kept business secrets. Here at Thinker Ventures, we’re happy to help get that secret out.

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