Commitment can affect your business more than you know.

Commitment can affect your business more than you know.

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I want to talk with you today a little bit about commitment.

It’s an example from my recent shopping expedition at a local retailer. I wanted to buy a new chair for my deck. I wanted to sit outside and read my books. I bought the chair, brought it home, put it on my deck, and left the tags on… the price tag, information about the product. And there it sat. Leaning back on the chair, tags blowing around.

I got to thinking, how many times do I do that in my own life, and in my own business? I commit to making a decision, and I, in fact, make that decision, but I’m not yet committed to follow through with it. I leave the tags on. I watch the price, thinking maybe I could get a better deal. I watch the product… maybe I could get a better deal.

I haven’t committed to follow through which means I haven’t really committed to the decision. I’m already looking for ways to unwind that, ways to get out of it.

With my chair, I could just take it back the store, and everything would be okay. I could exchange that. It would cost me my time. It would need to be a much better chair for me to make a different decision. But, in life and business, how many times to do we make those decisions that we’re not committed to because we’ve not committed to follow through?

My question for you is, are you committed to follow through? Will you follow through? Do you have a plan to follow through? Or, are you half-way committed? Are you not really committed at all because you’re still looking for ways to get out?