Drink More Water

Drink More Water

If you made a new years resolution this year you are not alone. Lot’s of people start off January 1st with good intentions to change some bad habits… most include things like eating less junk, exercising more, and not spending so much money. Whether it be cutting something out of your diet or attempting to add a positive routine to your work life, most would agree that resolutions are hard to stick with. There is a reason why few people talk about how their new year’s resolution is going in March. That being said, we have a new years’ resolution you can’t afford not to make this year: Drink more water.

Let me explain…
Everybody needs water to function, maintain a healthy immune system, and grow. Most people do not drink enough of it and many of us even try to replace water with other “better” tasting things such as coffee and diet sodas. Instead we just take on more empty calories and our waist bands take the brunt of the punishment. Water is the most essential thing our bodies need to keep functioning and performing at a high level. So literally, drink more water this year.

Well guess what…your business and how it performs is really no different. Most likely, over the last year, you have started to take on projects or work that perhaps “taste better” but are just adding unnecessary distractions and busy work to your already bloated schedule. Find the “empty calories” and replace them with what will help you and your business perform at it’s highest level.

Thrive and grow this year. Discover what your “water” is and accept that it is completely unique to you and your company. Great things happen when you find your niches and invest in them. Start doing less of the things your company is not meant for or good at, and free your company up to focus on the things you do great.

2014 Resolution:
Drink more water.