We love entrepreneurs! In fact, we help launch a company once every six months. Maybe yours will be next.

If you’re not ready to launch, there are still great ways you can interact with Thinker.

Self-Service Learning

Thinker has a growing universe of on-demand content available on our website. We also have a Reading Library and continually recommend books for our clients and friends to read. See what we’re reading now.

On-Demand Content

We’ve partnered with The Lonely Entrepreneur to provide you a single destination that combines comprehensive, in-depth resources and a support system that includes weekly live conversations with the founder of The Lonely Entrepreneur, Michael Dermer. We’ve been there and it can, indeed, be lonely, so we’ve got the connections to help you not only make it through but drive success every step of the way.

Seminars & Events

We host regular free and paid seminars with fantastic speakers from Thinker along with the many public and private organizations that have a passion for entrepreneurship. Check out upcoming Events at Thinker or contact us for more details.


There are two critical elements to a successful launch: the right team and the right funding. Many businesses fail despite being profitable because they lack sufficient capital to grow at a sustained rate. We help find funding for great ideas by vetting concepts, refining pitches, and referring or managing the public and private funding process.

Thinker Launch

We work with entrepreneurs to refine their concepts, generate new ideas and implement tactics that help produce revenue. When we bring the disciplines of our team together – strategy, communications, technology – we’re likely launching something new. We work with entrepreneurs and established organizations to help launch new concepts, and yours may be one. Learn more.