Fine-tune your presentation delivery

Fine-tune your presentation delivery

I’ve been listening to a few presentations recently. Notably, one of our clients, is going into a beta launch soon. Nicole, the founder, is refining a great presentation designed to generate awareness for the new application. Our team has been delighted to provide feedback so she can get the most benefit from her 15-minute pitch. Nicole has been doing an outstanding job.

I was reminded of Warren Buffett’s comment about buying a car. He states, “I don’t remember how much I paid, but I remember the experience I had.” Compelling stories have a way of making a person feel, and people buy based on their feelings. So, tell them a story, in such a way as to make your audience feel the way you want them to feel. So, what do you want your audience to feel? Many business owners don’t even know.

Most business owners focus on communicating what amounts to bullet-pointed lists of what their businesses do. Their competitors are doing the same. That tactic is largely ineffective and leads down a road where many businesses simply end up competing on price. After all, how do you rise above the fray when everyone is providing the same product or service in generally the same way?

Turns out you can say much less than you think you need to IF you have a compelling delivery. Enter one of the best videos I’ve seen to demonstrate the importance of delivering your message.

Did you find yourself in agreement with his message? Did it FEEL compelling? It did to me. The delivery was great, yet, his content did nothing to prove he was “thought leader.”

How much do you concern yourself with how you present yourself or your product or service? If you’re spending 80% of your efforts determining what to say, and 20% on how to say it, I invite you to switch that formula around. Your delivery is paramount, and your brand equity and sales will show it.