Four tips to stay consistent to your brand

Four tips to stay consistent to your brand

Your brand will speak volumes of your business when potential clients aren’t speaking directly to you. These tips will help you to stay consistent to your brand, yet up-to-date and informational for prospective customers.

1. Customer Service
If you pride yourself of quality customer service (which every business should) how do generate feedback to ensure customers are happy? One word: Engage. There are various tactics to do so, but some of our favorite tools are Every Door Direct Mailing (EDDM) and surveys.
EDDM is a fairly new way to mail targeted audiences. Select a zip code, select a mailing route, and mail those you want to engage with. Maybe your mail pieces are promotional of great sales for the month, or maybe they are reminding them you’re in the area and have a great product selection.
Surveys should be a part of every business’s operational system. Testimonials will always travel further than statistics. Make sure your current clients are happy by gathering their thoughts, comments, and concerns. On the other hand, survey potential clients. What does the general public who haven’t worked with you think about your business? Would they consider you for a business opportunity?
Before you can claim great customer service, see what your customers are saying.

2. Consistent logos on all medias
Social media is the public window into your company. It can drive more traffic to your website and it can show clients “What can your business offer me?” Which is why it is necessary that your website is credible. The top business social medias are Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter. These medias have high traffic times different times of the day and your medias need to be consistent to your website. Having the same logo and same content will confirm to potential clients they are in the right place when searching for your business.
Good social media content is another skill. Make sure it’s eye catching, credible, interesting, and most importantly, benefiting the purpose of your company. The goal: Be known as the expert in your field. The perk of social media: word travels quickly, and if it’s great content, it can be shared and promoted easily if your budget allows.

3. Consistent communication across all staff
The most inexpensive consistency tactic is great phone communication. Whether Office Managers or CEO’s answer all phone calls, everyone needs to have clear, consistent answering styles. What is the company’s mission statement? Are you communicating with customers in a style that’s staying true to the company’s brand? Have a staff meeting to discuss top priorities and tactics of answering questions, directing him/her to the correct staff person, and treating all customers with the best customer service.

4. Know what works
Look into your website and social media analytics. Are your posts converting to new business? Do your viewers find your content helpful and interesting? Is your follower base growing? Does your logo and website portray a credible source for customers? Treat yourself like a customer: Create a business you would feel comfortable investing in.
Take time to consider these tips and whether your current operational system is helping or hurting your business.

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