How well are my outside sales teams, independent reps or distributors performing?

We can tell you using our Sales Optimization Analysis.
Many clients measure outside sales performance based on revenue. If sales are up, the rep is doing well. If sales are down, the rep isn’t. They make sales quotas a little higher than last year, and see what happens! It’s a manageable system but it misses the mark and doesn’t tell the full story.

Are your salespeople taking full advantage of the opportunities in their areas?
By measuring performance based on available opportunities, historical performance, market saturation, and economic indicators we take the guesswork out of identifying and managing sales opportunities. We can tell you by zip code or county whether a salesperson is “pulling their weight,” how well a marketing program is performing in a specific geography, the optimal number of salespeople you need, and more. Looking to expand? We can predict the estimated quantity of clients and revenue to anticipate for a particular region.

Our turnkey, quarterly reports break down performance, telling you how salespeople and geographies are performing based on the opportunities available and compared with one another. We can predict the next best opportunities, and report whether sales and marketing efforts were effective over time.

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