Meet the Backbone of Thinker

Meet the Backbone of Thinker

You might have the dream job, but do you have the dream team helping you celebrate those milestones of the office? Whether you’re an entrepreneur or an employee for one, the progress of job experience falls on the team’s shoulders. There is no lone genius. We know how true that is, so our interview process is extensive, partly so we can see how well a personality can mix with the veterans’, and of course if the interviewee is right for the job. Policies will also help implement your desired work environment,. The day-to-day conversations is what makes or breaks the dynamic.  Meet US!

Our Dream Team

Jason Todd The Strategist  // Founder & Managing Director

Aaron Johnson The Designer  // Partner & Creative Director

Beka Fritz The Glue // Project Manager

Makenzie Meier The Socialist  // Marketing Coordinator

Rob Davis The Tech // Lead Systems Engineer

Robb Douglas The Expressionist // Sales

Gene Lawson The Code Wiz // Technical Lead

Terry Miller The Analyst // Production Developer

Craig Harshbarger The Web Wiz // Web Developer

Brad Koch The Extrovert // Sales

Rob Mullen The Number Guru // Accountant

At our office, we have a broad range of personalities, which brings more creativity to the brainstorming table, but several similar goals:

  1. Work Hard
  2. Work Smart
  3. Be Respectful