Making it from a small business to a medium-sized business is challenging, and it’s great to have a friend in the process. Once you’re there, you are presented a myriad of new opportunities. It’s difficult to stay focused on building a long-term brand while maintaining day-to-day efficiency. There are many ways you can benefit from our products and services.


We believe that solid, long-term growth for midmarket companies is, in part, based on consistent brand messaging across many media. Our marketing and communications work is grounded in solid core messaging, storytelling, design and production across digital and traditional media. Learn more

Public Relations

What someone else says about your company is many times more important than what you say. Yet, many growing businesses miss the opportunity for leveraging a comprehensive PR strategy and then wonder why growth stalls.

Managed I.T.

Thinker’s Managed I.T. offerings can save hundreds or thousands of dollars over an in-house technical team. We’re also a Google Partner and certified to work with most PC, Linux and Mac systems. From networking to Voice Over IP phone systems to technical support for users, Thinker’s Managed I.T. offers competitive value for successful companies.


We can utilize our extensive network of public and private resources to fund your growing organization. Don’t wait! Contact us for more details.

Seminars and Events

We host regular free and paid seminars with fantastic speakers from Thinker along with the many public and private organizations that have a passion for growing businesses and business leaders. Check out upcoming Events at Thinker or contact us for more details.

Self-Service Learning

Thinker has a growing universe of on-demand content on our website. We also have a Reading Library and continually recommend books for our clients and friends to read. See what we’re reading now.

On-Demand Content

We’ve partnered with The Lonely Entrepreneur to provide you a single destination that combines comprehensive, in-depth resources and a support system that includes weekly live conversations with the founder of The Lonely Entrepreneur, Michael Dermer. We’ve been there and it can, indeed, be lonely, so we’ve got the connections to help you not only make it through but drive success every step of the way.