About Nikki Jarvis

Express. Empower. Emerge.
This is our process, this is your process.
Express. Whether you’re stuck in your business or personal life, we find that the two are interrelated. Through enabling your expression, we work to get you thinking from new perspectives leading you to new ideas, meaning, and definition within yourself and your business.

Empower. We believe empowerment is a fundamental component of change. To feel empowered is to give yourself the authority and power to be the author of your story.
Emerge. Once you’ve taken in your power to express yourself and your vision, then felt that power, one emerges. You move away from something and towards that new view that has been developed. Along the way you have been taking action steps to ensure the change occurs; at this stage, you’re living that change.

Jarvis Coaching specializes in career, life purpose, and business coaching. These three areas individually or together create your happiness, vision, and drive. Serving clients from around the world, we serve to get you un-stuck, no matter where you are, and back on track.

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