New manufacturing magazine to help company leaders cut through the digital clutter

New manufacturing magazine to help company leaders cut through the digital clutter

ROCKFORD, Illinois — Thinker Ventures, a business-development firm in Rockford, is launching a quarterly magazine this summer focusing on the Midwestern manufacturing industry.

Thinker is taking advantage of a couple of emerging trends:

  • The anticipated demise of the print-publication industry was premature. The number of people in the United States reading magazines actually has increased since 2012, according to
  • Manufacturing in the U.S., particularly in the Midwest, has been gaining strength since 2010. In January 2010, manufacturing employment was at 11.46 million people in the U.S.; by February 2018 it was at 12.6 million, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

In June, Thinker will begin publishing Midwest Manufactured, a publication aimed at C-level manufacturing executives in Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa and Missouri. Digital advertising is the No. 1 form of advertising — passing TV in 2017 — which presents another opportunity.

“What happens when everyone is speaking online? Too much noise, too transient,” said Jason Todd, owner of Thinker and publisher of Midwest Manufactured. “Midwest Manufactured will be quarterly, substantial content without the fluff of other publications. It will cut through the noise of online searching.”

The goal of Midwest Manufactured will be to help outstanding manufacturers stand out even more, with features on company leadership, new products and new technology. For many manufacturers, Thinker has found that it’s easier to sell regionally than globally. Midwest Manufacturing will be designed to help C-level executives target outstanding companies across industries for new opportunities.

Midwest Manufactured will be distributed by subscription only. Interested manufacturers can get a complimentary subscription to Midwest Manufactured by enrolling in the Midwest Manufactured Business Listing at


For more information about Midwest Manufactured and Thinker Ventures, contact Jason Todd at 815-516-0500 or