Sam Feeney “Why Aren’t You Thriving?”

What Works with Jason Todd
What Works with Jason Todd
Sam Feeney "Why Aren't You Thriving?"

Sam Feeney is the author of Why Aren’t You Thriving: A Man’s Guide to Asking Tough Questions and Getting Better in 7 Core Areas.

Key highlights of this episode are:

  • Sam is passionate about helping men live more effectively, so they can create a bigger impact on their families, communities, and the world.
  • Sam’s book, Why You Aren’t Thriving, is about asking tough questions and getting better in seven core areas.
  • The seven core areas of thriving are faith, identity, mission, career, health, relationships, and finances.
  • The metaphor used to explain these core areas is that faith and identity are the roots of a tree, mission is the trunk that connects the unseen roots to the seen fruit in your life, and career, health, relationships, and finances are the fruit of the tree.
  • The importance of having a community of people around you to help you grow and develop.
  • Taking the time to ask for help and include others in your projects and journey.
  • The comparison trap is an important one to be aware of, and it can be either an Ascension problem or a self-limiting problem.
  • Career and Mission are often the entry points for guys when talking about the seven core areas, as they are both measurable and relatable.
  • Measure what you treasure
  • it is important to measure intangible and nebulous things like faith and identity in order to make sure that we are investing in the right areas.
  • Build the life you want to have
  • it is important to be mindful of the impact that our decisions have on our family and our relationships. We should strive to build a life that we and those around us can enjoy.
  • Sam discussed the importance of being in community and how it can be a selfless act, as well as a way to get advice and resources. He also shared his process for creating a life of meaning and purpose.
  • The idea that we become conformed to our environment and our environment becomes conformed to us, and even positive things that are good for us can become difficult because we have to move that arm and it just doesn’t feel quite right.
  • The importance of having transformational relationships rather than transactional ones, and how this can lead to a richer life and a lasting legacy.

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