We create actionable solutions that deliver measurable results.

Strategic analysis is a particularly useful exercise for moving businesses forward. Unfortunately, the familiar idiom “can’t see the forest for the trees” often holds. As an independent third party, Thinker Profit provides an unbiased analysis of your business. We start by learning about your hopes, dreams and priorities for the company. Then we dig into your operations, systems and financial records. When finished, we provide a prioritized list of recommendations. This may include actionable items you can do on your own, system implementations that we produce, third-party applications that we recommend, and services we or others can offer.

Strategic planning is a continuous process of looking forward toward your goals, analyzing your current position, and predicting the potential obstacles and opportunities between those points. Planning charts a course that takes advantage of the opportunities and avoids the obstacles between the two. Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs find themselves so focused on daily operations that they are unable to spend time on this critical process. We simplify the process for you, expertly guiding you through goal-setting, providing in-depth analysis of your financials and the current business environment, and recommending a specific plan to meet your goals.

Exec Coaching by Thinker is designed to provide personalized and timely guidance to seasoned top-level executives and business owners. Your executive coach will act as an advisor, confidant, sounding board and devil’s advocate. We have particular expertise in change management, personal and organizational strategy development and implementation, as well as new-venture start-up. Thinker’s unique blend of scheduled and impromptu coaching sessions allow for the rapid progress of a structured and consistent development program with the flexibility and responsiveness required by the environment in which executives operate. At Thinker, we understand that the strength of the relationship between client and coach is the single best predictor of results. To that end, Executive Coaching is offered by invitation only.

Everyone understands the importance of personal development to being successful. If you are not learning and improving, you are standing still. If you are standing still, you are losing ground. But missing three days of work to sit in a hotel ballroom and listen to an expert walk you through a stale PowerPoint presentation, only to send you off with a half-completed workbook that will never leave your briefcase, doesn’t feel like progress either.

Thinker Profit’s Outside-the-Box Seminars deliver valuable, hands-on, experiential learning opportunities. We offer topics that will open opportunities and push you to improve — in real time. Our seminars happen in person, online and on location, but never in a box. No matter which seminar you choose, Thinker guarantees an engaging experience that provides an immediate return on your investment.