Congratulations on being a small-business owner. There are more than 29 million of you in the United States, according to the Small Business Administration. Whether you’d like to make the leap to midmarket or you’re happy with the size of your company but you’d just like to be more profitable, we can be your partner for either path. There are many ways you can benefit from our product and services.

Self-Service Learning

Business owners know that you have to constantly keep up with new technologies and business practices. We’re continuously adding those tips to our website. We also have a Reading Library for clients and friends. See what we’re reading now.

On-Demand Content

Running a small business in some ways is like training for the Olympics: You have to be dedicated, take risks, make sacrifices, conquer challenges and go for the gold. We’ve partnered with The Lonely Entrepreneur to provide you a single destination that combines comprehensive, in-depth resources and a support system that includes weekly live conversations with the founder of The Lonely Entrepreneur, Michael Dermer. We’ve been there and it can, indeed, be lonely, so we’ve got the connections to help you not only make it through but drive success every step of the way.

Seminars and Events

We host free and paid seminars with speakers from our network of partners along with the private and public organizations that can help you run your business better or find new markets. Check out our upcoming Events at Thinker or contact us for more details.

Executive Coaching

Our executive coaching and strategy services provide personalized and timely guidance to seasoned top-level executives and business owners. We will be your advisor, sounding board and devil’s advocate. Thinker’s blend of scheduled and impromptu coaching sessions creates a structured and consistent development program with the flexibility required by the environment in which executives operate.


We believe small businesses need consistent brand messaging across many media to set yourself above your competition. You’ve taken an idea, moved past startup into the small-business phase. That’s a story worth telling, and our communications and marketing work is built around messaging, design and production across traditional and digital media.

Public Relations

You are an expert in your product or service, but you may not be an expert in how to tell your story in a way that will interest influencers. That’s a piece of the puzzle we can fill with a comprehensive PR strategy that will drive your message. Our public relations team will help you leverage local, regional, national and industry media.

Managed I.T.

Thinker’s Managed I.T. offerings allow you to focus on growing your business, not putting out fires. We also can save hundreds or thousands of dollars over an in-house technical team. We’re a Google Partner and certified to work with most PC, Linux and Mac systems. From Voice Over IP phone systems to networking to technical support for users, Thinker’s Managed I.T. offers competitive value for successful companies.


To advance from the small-business to midsize-business stage usually means expanding, investing or acquiring – and funding is key for each of those. Thinker has built a network of public and private resources to finance growing organizations.