It’s all about the experience.

Just as with branding, potential customers will assess the quality of your products or services based on their physical experience as they enter your space. Do you offer the best service? The highest-quality widgets? The most cutting-edge design? The finest ingredients? Then support that promise with a welcoming foyer, sleek conference room, impressive executive suite or inviting dining area.

Welcome to Spaces, where we specialize in providing audio, video and electronics solutions designed to support your brand. We’ll help you create your unique spaces.

  • On-site consultation
  • System design services
  • Software configuration and component installation

Tired of fumbling with wires and old remote controls before an important presentation? Utilizing automation helps create a professional presentation and atmosphere: Activate the video screens, turn on the audio system at just the correct volume and input. Adjust the lighting levels and room temperature. Open or close the window shades. Imagine walking into your meeting space and, with the touch of a button, all these systems working together.

Digital signage is growing in popularity and provides an efficient means to stay in touch with employees and customers by providing appropriate media content. Internally engage employees with useful information. Bring attention to upcoming events, special programs, pricing and advertising space to your customers. Utilize digital signage screens in single or multiple facilities. Our software designers can manage your desired screen content regardless of the screen location(s). The possibilities are endless with a managed digital signage system.

We design and install commercial-grade internet networks with secured WiFi. This includes surge-protection systems to guard your valuable network, audio/video and computer investments. Video-conferencing suites and presentation displays, projection systems, VoIP business-phone systems and commercial music systems are also available.

Whether your project is a single conference room or an integration of your entire facility, we are here to supply your needs.