Thinker TechLab offers holistic, full-service I.T. planning, installation, maintenance and support. We are experts in wired and wireless networks, Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP), virtualization, physical-virtual hybrids and multi-site installations. We create enterprise-quality solutions on small-business budgets.

technical support

Hourly, Per-Incident Computer and Network Support

Resolve computer and network problems with hourly and per-incident technical support. We support and maintain Windows, Linux and Apple computers on nearly every type of network.

By invitation, the experts at Thinker TechLab can be your I.T. department. This premium service is only available for a limited number of companies that qualify.


  • On-Demand Service
  • Hourly & Per-Incident Billing
  • For Lower-Tech Companies


  • Proactive Service
  • Unlimited Support
  • Monthly Flat-Fee
  • Technology-Dependent Companies

wireless networking

Building a stable, secure wireless network is more difficult than buying a router from your local retailer. Fortunately, networking is faster and less expensive than ever before, and high security, stability and capability is available to every business.

Common Wireless Networking Needs

  • Assessing Public & Private Network Security
  • Increasing Low-Signal Strength
  • Diagnosing Network Dropouts
  • Point-to-Point Wireless Setup
  • Equipment Recommendations

network security

You can see when your front door is locked and secure, but it is much harder to see if your sensitive company information is secure. That is why we offer a free security scan.

Free Security Scan Includes

  • Check for external network vulnerabilities
  • Audit internal wired & wireless network for security holes

You Will Receive

  • Report of critical, high- and medium-priority vulnerabilities
  • Consultation & explanation from a qualified technician
  • Hardware & software cost estimates to address vulnerabilities

hardware and software

We maintain distribution agreements with hundreds of hardware and software manufacturers. Whether it’s Microsoft Office or Google Chrome licenses, deploying VMware virtualization or simply buying a new PC, we can facilitate a money-saving purchase that can be deployed quickly.

voice over IP

Lower price, more features, increased flexibility. Voice Over IP can be a vast improvement over traditional PBX phone systems. We offer complete on-premises VoIP planning, installation and maintenance, and virtual VoIP systems that can save hundreds over competing services. Or choose VoIP telephone lines that utilize your PBX system.


    • Integrate with Existing PBX

    • Reduced Telephone Line Cost


    • On-Premises or Virtual/Remote

    • Reduced Telephone Line Cost

    • Advanced PBX Features

web and application hosting

Thinker manages hosting for websites, applications, databases and more. We choose and provision resources on such industry-leading providers as Amazon, Rackspace and Google. This enables us to provide high-availability services at a competitive cost. Whether you need hosting for a basic static website hosting or a business-critical application, our Web and Application Hosting is the solution.



    • Basic Websites

    • Small Databases


    • Regular Backups

    • Firewall Security

    • 24/7 Monitoring


    • E-Commerce Websites

    • Business-Critical Applications

    • Large Databases



    • Multi-Server Failover

    • Geographically Distributed Servers

    • Content Delivery Networks

    • Multi-Site VPN