These 4 tips can help prevent social hackers

These 4 tips can help prevent social hackers

Technology is one of  many factors leading to a company’s success story.
It fills the gaps of networking, allows companies to be researched, keeps your company up-to-date for potential clients, and creates opportunity to make every workday a productive one. As diverse (and complicated) as technology can be, Social Media and Email Marketing seem to be the middle ground.

Social media profiles look like a more simplistic way to market. Surprisingly, social media is one of the first routes web hackers are prone to take advantage of. Vice President and General Manager of Social Media Security and Compliance with Proofpoint stated, “And you better believe that hackers are also taking advantage of the public perception of a company as presented on social media.” In simpler terms, attackers keep tabs on both positive and negative company feedback, and can pin-point the company decision makers from doing so.

Imagine your Marketing Coordinator getting a phone call or email from a client’s friend and asks, “Hi, so and so asked me to get the Facebook log in information so I could check something for him.” You may not know the person inquiring, but you do know the client’s name they mentioned, and wanting to be helpful, one would think it’s safe to give answers away. Then and there, a hacker got all information because of a simple name-drop.

What secure strategy policies are in place for your gatekeepers to check and balance to ensure calls and emails are safe? We know the risks and can coach you to safe-screen emails and calls, beginning with these four tips:

1. Have a secured password
2. Ask the inquirer, “What’s your name and contact information?”
3. Ask the inquirer, “How do you know so and so?”
4. Ask the inquirer, “What do you need to check exactly?”

Want more insight of how to keep your profiles secure? We can help.