What is Monitored IT? Thinker will monitor any server, workstation, website, access point, network, or network connected device and let you know when an issue arises, frequently before it actually becomes an issue.


Servers, Virtual Machines (web, file, email, databases, etc)

Virtual Machine Hosts


  • Windows Updates
  • Backups (1)
  • Antivirus (2)

Disk & Hard Drive Issues

  • Free space
  • Disk failures
  • Connection issues for network drives

Power Supplies & UPSs

Network & Internet Connectivity

Network Devices

  • Printers
  • Network Drives
  • Access Points
  • Routers
  • Switches
  • Smart Devices (Smart Thermostats, IOT sensors, etc)

VOIP Servers & Phones (3)

  • Phone Connectivity
  • Call Quality

Websites & Web Applications

  • Uptime Monitoring
  • Content Monitoring
  • WordPress Update Monitoring
  • SSL Certificates

What Happens When We Find An Issue?

We will contact you with a detailed report of any issues we find while monitoring your devices & network including a plan of action and cost assessment to take care of it. And we’re always available to put that plan in motion should you need our help. All work is billed hourly plus any hardware or software costs.

(1) Assuming a compatible backup solution is employed
(2) Antivirus software included
(3) When using Thinker’s VOIP service