Thinker Spaces to improve your sights and sounds

Thinker Spaces to improve your sights and sounds

Thinker Ventures now is helping commercial customers create unique audio, visual and electronics solutions for boardrooms, conference and presentation rooms.

Spaces at Thinker Ventures is a full-service integrator, providing on-site consultation, system design services and software configuration and component installation. We’ve been helping companies launch, grow and run better through website development, marketing, branding, media consulting, content management and executive coaching.

Thinker also offers managed Information Technology services, allowing clients to focus on their core businesses while Thinker keeps their systems secure. As part of the IT division, Thinker offers managed digital signage, which is exploding in popularity as both an efficient way to stay in touch with employees and to enhance the customer experience. Spaces at Thinker Ventures is the next logical extension of those services. Thinker will come to your space to learn your special needs and specifications, help design a customized commercial-grade solution, install the components, configure the software and manage your signage programs.

To lead the new division, Thinker added Doug Campbell of Rockford. Campbell’s career in the audio/visual industry dates back to 1977, a year before the first Sony Walkman prototype was created, so Doug has seen and studied every innovation for the past 40 years. Since 2009, Campbell ran his own company, Hear More Music, the region’s premier audio and visual integration company.

Besides helping companies integrate their AV systems, Campbell will be helping them join the digital signage wave. According to, companies in industries ranging from restaurants and retail to gas and oil are expected to spend $13.8 billion on digital signage this year.