Want to livestream? Check out these tools

Want to livestream? Check out these tools

I’m a word person, so this fact distresses me: According to data from the live-video platform Livestream, 80 percent of online users would rather watch live video of your brand than read about it on your blog.

Video even trumps Twitter (get it?) and Facebook, with 81 percent preferring live video to social media posts.

Obviously, if you’re trying to cut through the clutter online, livestreaming video content is no longer something small businesses can ignore. The useful website smallbiztrends.com listed 10 excellent tools — some free, some with a cost — to help you along the livestreaming journey.


Bambuser uses a system of hashtags and apps to help your live broadcasts get maximum exposure. A free version offers limited editing functions. The paid options with a plethora of tools starts at $45 a month.


This interactive livestreaming tool allows the audience to join and comment during the livestreaming event, helping small businesses build rapport with customers. It also allows the audience to buy products through Busker and can be broadcast over iOS and Android devices.

Facebook Live

Businesses can use their Facebook pages to share live content for free, and the Facebook Live tool allows businesses to select their audience and receive feedback live.

Google Hangouts on Air

This is a free livestreaming tool for businesses with Google Plus profiles. Through a Google Plus or YouTube channel, up to 10 users can broadcast at the same time.

IBM Cloud Video Streaming Manager

This tool is quite effective for businesses looking to market their products during launch events. There is a free version; the professional version starts at $99 a month.

Instagram Live Video

The increasingly popular Instagram now has a Live Video interface that shows the number of viewers watching the video and any comments that have been posted. Anyone with an Instagram account can watch.


This is for companies that want top-quality content. It offers a basic package for beginners, premium for small-business use, and Enterprise with advanced requirements. The lowest-priced package starts at $75 a month.

Periscope Producer

Twitter got into the livestreaming game in 2016 with this tool, which allows creators to stream top-quality broadcasts from external sources, including streaming software and cameras, available on the latest Periscope Android, iOS and web.

Vimeo Live

Vimeo offers full HD broadcasts of events in up to 1080p, and it’s free of the advertisements you must view on other platforms. Vimeo’s cloud transcoding ensures top quality, but the service begins at $75 a month.

YouTube Live

YouTube now offers a live feature users can access by clicking “live events.” Professional controls are available to use with the broadcast, enabling businesses to monetize their videos with advertisements.