Fully-Managed, Secure Website Hosting

Thinker’s website hosting is the fastest, most scalable, auto-healing web and application hosting in the region.

Highlights include:

  • Managed website hosting infrastructure
  • Nightly backups ensure disaster continuity
  • Auto-scaling responds to peak demands
  • Auto-healing fixes itself if a server is down
  • Failover available on separate networks for mission-critical hosting
  • Concierge migration from your existing host
  • SSL Certificates included. Why you need an SSL.
  • Affordable – most features available starting at $35/mo.

Contact us to get started with Thinker’s hosting, or learn more about Basic, Advanced, WordPress, and Application hosting below.

Worry-Free Hosting
We know your website is important to you. We know you don’t want to worry if someone is hacking your site, if all plugins are up to date, or if the server will handle a sudden, unprecedented increase in traffic.  We understand you want to make quick edits, but the ideas may come to you while you’re driving on the Interstate. When you host your website with Thinker, we take care of the details.

Scalable Website Hosting
Thinker uses a state-of-the-art, scalable web server installation, hosted in Google’s datacenters, on the same infrastructure that drives Gmail, Google Search and Google Docs. If your site experiences a sudden spurt in traffic, the installation will scale out accordingly, and scale back in once that demand has reduced.  This means we do not need to continually operate at a large scale, just in case your website is featured on Good Morning America, and those cost savings are passed onto you. What is scalable website hosting?

Secure Hosting
We prefer to keep vital parts of sites inaccessible from the general internet. This creates a very secure managed infrastructure. However, we recognize that many development teams need additional access. The flexibility of our architecture enables us to maintain security while giving your development teams access to aspects of the server they need.

Basic Managed Website Hosting

Our basic package will host your site on our auto-scaling servers, complete with managed SSL certificates (a $150 value), so your clients will see a reassuring green padlock, and know that your site is secured. Includes SQL access, and PHP form processing.  Basic Managed Hosting available for $35 per month.

WordPress Managed Website Hosting

Our fully managed WordPress hosting takes care of WordPress updates multiple times per day – so you always know you have the latest, most secure plugins and themes. Every site is deployed with an industry leading firewall which blocks unauthorized logins, injection attacks and other attempts to deface your site. A full daily backup is taken and retained for a week.   Servers will grow in scale as your site is used. We encourage caching your site and using a CDN to serve pages from sites located around the world. Once deployed, leave the technical details to us. WordPress Managed Hosting is available for $55 per month.

Advanced Managed Application Hosting

Our advanced application hosting package features your site running on our auto-scaling servers, complete with managed SSL certificates (a $150 value), so your clients will see a reassuring green padlock, and know that your site is secured. Includes SQL access, PHP form processing, caching and worldwide CDN delivery over https. Advanced Application, Managed Hosting is more complex, we will work with you to tailor your site to our environment.  It is available from $95 per month.

Lucee / ColdFusion / Railo Application Managed Hosting

Includes Advanced Managed Hosting in addition to the Lucee Application Server. We have been developing with Coldfusion, Railo, and Lucee for more than 15 years and are uniquely qualified to manage Lucee Application Servers. Learn more about Lucee. Lucee Application Managed Hosting is available from $95 per month.

Production and Development Complete Package

Install two copies of your site on our infrastructure: one for development use, one for production. Try out changes without it affecting your production site. This is the type of hosting the pros use and is our recommendation for any commercial website. Utilizing software versioning allows teams to develop projects on multiple branches, only deploying it to production when ready, but having it running fully in a scalable architecture for testing. We offer Complete Development and Production site combinations (includes isolated development installation for testing) from $55 per month for Basic Managed and $95 per month for WordPress Managed. 

24/7 Technical Support

Our technical infrastructure is monitored and we are alerted to any faults within moments. Many faults are self-healing and others are addressed immediately by our support staff. Additional technical support and technical checks are available in the event that your site needs additional monitoring. Technical support is also available 24 hours per day.