Bigger Following, Bigger Bank Account

Bigger Following, Bigger Bank Account

Social media may have once been purely for entertainment and to keep loved ones up-to-date, but those days are far gone. America is becoming focused on instant gratification, and young generations spend countless hours following friends, celebrities, and brands they look up to. Your public image is a direct window into your company, and it should show success, expertise, and variability. Ideally, business owners should be viewing potential partners or connections, posting to answer customer questions, building credibility with content, and keeping ears open to what users are saying daily.

Well-managed social marketing is an indispensable part of growing your business, but it isn’t easy. Thinker will maximize the impact of your company’s presence on social media, providing a powerful way for you to communicate with existing and future customers. We offer both Social Media Campaigns and Management. Campaigns offer limited time, high-impact value, and are followed by sustained Social Media Management. Whether we work with your organization to create and manage a campaign or handle the ongoing details of sustained activity, our strategy and reporting will ensure both thoughtful implementation and measurable results.

There are so many fine lines of the numerous social media pages, it’s only a matter of time before you drown in the pool of ever-changing rules. Business owners don’t have time to post every recent happening because they’re running the business and in turn, sitting in front of a computer falls to the back burner. Static business pages are just as bad, if not worse, than having no page. Think of the pages you follow: if you were attempting to find out store hours of a restaurant and it wasn’t listed, you would more than likely go to another restaurant to avoid inconvenience.

We’ve built social media pages from zero  followers to reaching 20,000+ views weekly. We have the resources and tools to grow your following and connect with your current followers,  which in turn creates a conversion to your profit. We know exactly when and where to budget campaigns to reach the optimal audience. Our staff and partners, such as Google, are designated to the study of social media, communications, and how it can grow your business. We manage your media: You manage your business.

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