January 30, 2019

1 Million Cups Rockford – 1/30/2019 – The Polar Vortex Show

Because of the Polar Vortex, nobody could come. So we looked over some of the highlights of the past 18 months.
January 16, 2019

Sam Lister presents Blank Slate Media at 1 Million Cups Rockford

Today’s presenter is Sam Lister, who launched a video company in Milwaukee last year. We found him on LinkedIn and asked him to come in and […]
January 9, 2019

Karl Franzen presents Economic Development for the city of Rockford at 1 Million Cups Rockford

Karl Franzen is economic development director for the city of Rockford and has been to 1 Million Cups several times. He’s here today to talk to […]
December 20, 2018

Sherry Pritz presents Pritz Fine Arts Designs at 1 Million Cups Rockford

Sherry Pritz has been a friend to entrepreneurs for more than 10 years through her role with the EIGERlab and its Fast Pitch Competition. She’s here […]
December 12, 2018

Shane Smith & David Pavik present C2P Strain at 1 Million Cups Rockford

Shane Smith and David Pavlik are from C2P Strain. These guys are old-fashioned inventors who have gone to market with a simple tool to make painting […]
December 5, 2018

Izzy Lugo presents Urban Misfit Ventures at 1 Million Cups Rockford

Izzy Lugo is the co-founder of Urban Misfit Ventures, a Milwaukee company that owns IEEG, a storytelling company, and MKE Misfits, a community and events company. […]
November 29, 2018

Jim McIlroy presents Food4Fuel at 1 Million Cups Rockford

Jim McIlroy of Food4Fuel has a mission to help people eat healthier. He’s presented at 1MC before and he’s back to update us on his entrepreneurial […]
November 14, 2018

Addie Ford and John Gustafson present Grant View Distillery and Bear Farms for 1 Million Cups Rockford (full presentation)

Addie Ford of Grant View Distillery. Addie and her husband were in the airline industry when they wanted to set down some roots and they settled […]
November 7, 2018

Beer Entrepreneur panelists present at 1 Million Cups Rockford (full video)

Our first livestream of 1 Million Cups Rockford. We have a special Beer Entrepreneur panel as part of Startup Beloit (Wis.) Week in partnership with our […]