Machesney Park heat-treating-furnace builder plans open house

Machesney Park heat-treating-furnace builder plans open house

MACHESNEY PARK, IL — Diablo Furnaces, which repairs and builds heat-treating furnaces for companies that manufacture gears, is holding an open house March 5-7 to celebrate two years of steady growth.

The open house runs from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. each day. Doughnuts and coffee will be served in the morning, with lunch snacks at 11:15 a.m.; Diablo representatives will give visitors tours of the facility.

Diablo is a separate-but-related company to Machine Tool Builders in Machesney Park. MTB was created in 1995 to rebuild and add new controls to modernize machines that make gears. MTB works with national firms, such as Boeing and Caterpillar, and local companies, including Rockford Toolcraft and Forest City Gear.

MTB launched Diablo in early 2017 to fill a market need to service and build furnaces for gear makers. Companies that make gears have to bake them in a furnace to make them harder, otherwise the soft metal would break down in a day.


For more information about Diablo Furnaces or Machine Tool Builders, email or call 815-636-7502.