Make YouTube a priority

Make YouTube a priority

Officially, Bing is the No. 2 search engine in the world. According to the January 2018 netmarketshare report, 74.5 percent of searches were powered by Google and 8.0 percent by Bing.

In reality, YouTube is the second largest search engine. It processes more than 3 billion searches a month. Essentially, if someone wants to reach about something, they go to Google. If they want to see how something is done – whether it’s from changing the oil in a lawn mower to making the best apple pie – they go to Youtube.

If you have not created a YouTube channel and are not posting to it, you are missing out on tremendous web traffic.

Marketo is a software company focused on email marketing, social, digital ads, web management and analytics. It has some useful, quick tips on how to get started.

Get in the habit

YouTube doesn’t help if you don’t post content so make a posting calendar. At Thinker, we host the weekly 1 Million Cups networking group and we post a snippet of it every week as a value-add to the presenter and to make sure we’re continually adding content.

Proper keywords

Make sure your video titles are descriptive so people can find your content. Your video description should be three sentences long and filled with the targeted keywords. Take advantage of the tagging feature, which helps YouTube to group similar videos together. Five to seven tags are optimal and it will help your video appear as a “related video” when users are viewing something similar.

Calls to action

Make sure to direct viewers to your website or to register for an event or download a special offer. YouTube viewers are used to and responsive to calls-to-action.


Make sure to broadcast live video on your YouTube channel and then host the recording by connecting your channel to Google Hangouts.

Get creative

Those are the basics. Once you’ve mastered setting and keeping to a schedule, then you can start showing off your creative side. If you wonder if YouTube is worth the trouble, in 2015 highlighted six companies that grew rapidly because of YouTube.

Red Bull has built up 4 million subscribers in six years by continually posting videos of athletes and daredevils, which plays into their brand of being the nation’s top energy drink.

Blendtec wanted to show off how powerful its blenders are so they launched a Will It Blend? video series and started by buying new iPhones and grinding them up in blenders. That’s funny – and pricey – but Blendtec now has 775,000 subscribers.